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TIAGo robots

There are two TIAGo robots with a single arm configuration. These are medium-sized mobile robots (70 kg, with a controlled adjustable height of 110-145cm), mounted on a differential drive platform and 12 DoF, including 2 for the mobile base, 1 for the torso lift, 2 for the head (pan and tilt), and 7 for the arm. Indoor navigation is enabled through the laser and radar range sensors plus the RGB-D cameras mounted on the head, the latter serving other purposes as well such as object recognition. Vision is enhanced in our case by additional Intel RealSense D435i cameras. A 6 DoF IMU at the base and actuator current measuring, plus a force/torque sensor at the wrist complete the sensorial equipment of the robot. The ROS-based opensource middleware facilitates developing the software required for our applications and research. Full specifications of the robot can be found in the corresponding website of PAL Robotics.

The TIAGos serve as experimental platforms for our research in assistive robotics. Up to date we have been using them in human feeding, cognitive therapy for patients with dementia, and cloth manipulation, be it in folding or in coordinated handling of large sheets of fabrics.

TIAGo feeding
TIAGo therapy
TIAGo folding1 TIAGo folding2
TIAGo tablecloth setting 1 TIAGo tablecloth setting 2