Master Thesis

Image Registration for Drone Image Localization

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  • If you are interested in the proposal, please contact with the supervisors.


The goal of the project is developing an algorithm capable of combining multiple images to produce a panoramic image of the whole wind turbine. We will work with wind turbine blade images obtained during drone inspections. Given a set of sequential images of a blade, we would like to find the distinct geometry correspondences between those images in order to generate a complete panoramic view of the images. This project includes learning on image processing, projective geometry, Fourier transforms and optimization.

Requisites: Candidates with a background in optimization, machine learning and good programming skills (Matlab/Python/C++) are particularly encouraged to apply. This project will be supervised by Raül Perez i Gonzalo and Antonio Agudo.

This industrial project will be executed in collaboration with the company Wind Power Lab, who will provide the video data.