Master Thesis

Study on the influence of different grasp types for cloth manipulation

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  • If you are interested in the proposal, please contact with the supervisors.


Our group at IRI, the Perception and Manipulation group, has been doing research for several years on robotic cloth manipulation. We have recently developed a virtual reality system that allows to manipulate cloth in direct interaction with a virtual environment. You can check for more information on this previous work here:

Using our new developed virtual reality system to manipulate clothes, the project will study the influence of using different grasp types when doing different manipulations such as folding, unfolding, spreading a cloth, etc. We will analyse differences on trajectories, velocities and execution times. If we obtain results in the virtual reality simulation on time, we will reproduce some of the manipulation on real robots using 3D printed grippers.

The project will require to implement modifications of an already existing code in UNITY to interact with the virtual reality and knowledge on python or similar to analyse the collected data.

We are looking for motivated students with good programming skills. We can do a Master thesis or an internship.