Computing the barycenter graph by means of the graph edit distance

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International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR)





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The barycenter graph has been shown as an alternative to obtain the representative of a given set of graphs. In this paper we propose an extension of the original algorithm which makes use of the graph edit distance in conjunction with the weighted mean of a pair of graphs. Our main contribution is that we can apply the method to attributed graphs with any kind of labels in both the nodes and the edges, equipped with a distance function less constrained than in previous approaches. Experiments done on four different datasets support the validity of the method giving good approximations of the barycenter graph.


pattern recognition.

Author keywords

computational geometry, graph theory, attributed graphs, barycenter graph, graph edit distance

Scientific reference

I. Bardaji, M. Ferrer and A. Sanfeliu. Computing the barycenter graph by means of the graph edit distance, 20th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2010, Istanbul, Turkey, pp. 962-965.