Staübli work-cell: Embedded controller

Technical Report (2015)

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This technical report describes the design (both hardware and software) of an embedded controller for the Staübli work-cell available at the perception and manipulation laboratory at IRI. This system is based on a commercial embedded computer (Beaglebone Black) and it is capable of managing all the work-cell devices. This include a custom planar XY robot, two simple grippers at the end effector of each Staübli robot, a six degrees of freedom force and torque sensor and optionally the two Staübli robots themselves.

This embedded system also monitors all the safety features integrated into the work-cell to provide updated information about the current state of the work-cell to all the device drivers and control programs. The safety featues available at the Staübli work cell include several emergency stop buttons, a laser curtain surrounding the perimeter of the work-cell and two mechanical fuses at the last joint of the Staübli robot.

This document is intended as a complete reference manual of the embedded system, both from a software and a hardware points of view, for maintenance purposes and also to alow the addition of new features and upgrades in the future.


manipulators, multi-robot systems.

Author keywords

Embedded computer,Staübli Work-cell

Scientific reference

S. Hernández. Staübli work-cell: Embedded controller. Technical Report IRI-TR-15-02, Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC, 2015.