The goal of this work is to apply the framework of reset systems, in particular PI+CI controllers, in the controller design for power converters. While the PI+CI controller has been applied in several industrial applications, the application of such controllers in fast electrical systems especially power electronic converters appears to be new. The main motivations for this proposal are performance superiority of these controllers and the ability to produce a fast flat response without any overshoot for a step input. Another factor that influenced the use of such controller is the relatively simple design equations, which enables plug and play capability. The flat responses are highly interesting from the perspective of power converters especially when they are connected to power grids.


control system analysis, control system synthesis.

Author keywords

Reset Control

Scientific reference

U. Raveendran Nair, R. Costa and A. Baños. Reset control of boost converters, 2018 American Control Conference, 2018, Milwaukee, USA, pp. 553-558.