Power converters in grid connected systems are required to have fast response to ensure the stability of the system. The standard PI controllers used in most power converters are capable of fast response but with significant overshoot. In this paper a hybrid control technique for power converter using a reset PI + CI controller is proposed. The PI + CI controller can overcome the limitation of its linear counterpart (PI) and ensure a fast flat response for power converter. The design, stability and cost of feedback analysis for a DC-DC boost converter employing a PI + CI controller is explored in this work. The simulation and experimental results which confirm the fast, flat response will be presented and discussed.


control theory.

Author keywords

Hybrid control, reset systems, energy systems, DC-DC converter, stability

Scientific reference

U. Raveendran Nair, R. Costa and A. Baños. Reset control for DC-DC converters: an experimental application. IEEE Access, 7: 128487-128497, 2019.