INN-BALANCE Guidebook. Improvement of Balance of Plant Components for PEM Based Automotive Fuel Cell Systems

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  • Haering, Paul

  • Garcia Campos, Jose Manuel

  • Mora González, Consuelo

  • Kogler, Markus

  • Molavi, Ali

  • Sanchez Monreal, Juan

  • Nordqvist, Emelie

  • Oberholzer, Georg

  • Ramette, Demetrius

  • Montaner Rios, Gema

  • Schenk, Alexander

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INN-BALANCE in a nutshell Fuel cells are a mature technology ready for scale-up in the automotive market. It is now about advancing manufacturing through reducing costs of production, while increasing the overall efficiency and reliability of fuel cell systems in cars. These are the goals of INNBALANCE. The EU funded research and innovation project focuses on the Balance of Plant components, developing new features for the supply of hydrogen and air to the stack and improved concepts for the thermal management and advanced control architecture of the fuel cell system. Project duration: 01/2017 – 10/2021 Participant countries: Austria, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland INN-BALANCE guidebook The present guidebook presents the main project activities and the main results generated by the nine partners of INN-BALANCE. It also contains an overview of the current market for hydrogen vehicles in Europe and provides an outlook to future challenges in this field. The main target groups of this document are vehicles OEMs and their suppliers, fuel cell integrators and manufacturers, BoP manufacturers, research institutions, public authorities such as municipalities and policy makers and other stakeholders from the fuel cell, automotive, energy and transport sectors such as utilities, clusters/networks. A brief presentation of the authors who participated in the development of this guidebook is available at the end of the document.


automation, control theory.

Author keywords

LTPEM, BoP, FCHJU, Automotive fuel cell, FCV, INN-BALANCE, PEM cold start

Scientific reference

P. Haering, J.M. Garcia Campos, C. Mora González, M. Kogler, A. Molavi, J. Sanchez Monreal, E. Nordqvist, G. Oberholzer, D. Ramette, G. Montaner Rios and A. Schenk. INN-BALANCE Guidebook. Improvement of Balance of Plant Components for PEM Based Automotive Fuel Cell Systems. Steinbeis-Edition, 2021.