Adaptive nonlinear parameter estimation for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell

Journal Article (2022)


IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics







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Parameter estimation is vital for modeling and control of fuel cell systems. However, the nonlinear parameterization is an intrinsic characteristic in the fuel cell models such that classical parameter estimation schemes developed for linearly parameterized systems cannot be applied. In this paper, an alternative framework of adaptive parameter estimation is designed to address the real-time parameter estimation for fuel cell systems. The parameter estimation can be divided into two cascaded components. First, the dynamics with the unknown parameters are estimated by a new unknown system dynamics estimator (USDE). Inspired by an invariant manifold, this USDE is designed by applying simple filter operations such that the information of the state derivative is not required. Secondly, an adaptive law driven by the function approximation error is proposed for recovering unknown model parameters. Exponential convergence of the estimated parameters to the true values can be proved under the monotonicity condition. Finally, experimental results on a practical proton exchange membrane fuel cell system are given to verify the effectiveness of the proposed schemes.


automation, control theory.

Author keywords

Fuel Cells, Parameter estimation

Scientific reference

Y. Xing, J. Na, M. Chen, R. Costa and V. Roda. Adaptive nonlinear parameter estimation for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 37(8): 9012-9023, 2022.