Writing science fiction as an inspiration for AI research and ethics dissemination

Book Chapter (2023)

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Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence: Advanced Lectures


Cham: Springer International Publishing






Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

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In this chapter we look at science fiction from a perspective that goes beyond pure entertainment. Such literary gender can play an important role in bringing science closer to society by helping to popularize scientific knowledge and discoveries while engaging the public in debates which, in turn, can help direct scientific development towards building a better future for all. Written based on a tutorial given by the first author at ACAI 2021, this chapter addresses, in its first part, how science and science fiction can inspire each other and, in its second part, how science fiction can be used as an educational tool in teaching ethics of AI and robotics. Each of the two parts is supplemented with sections containing the questions asked by the audience during the tutorial as well as the provided answers.


artificial intelligence, intelligent robots, service robots, social aspects of automation.

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robot ethics, AI ethics, teaching ethics, ethics and technology, science fiction

Scientific reference

C. Torras and L.G. Ludescher. Writing science fiction as an inspiration for AI research and ethics dissemination. In Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence: Advanced Lectures, 322-344. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2023.