This conference paper presents a comparison study between different charging techniques for energy storage systems. The work presents the application of charging methods in two different types of models, which are a dynamic nonlinear electrochemical and the well-known equivalent circuit model. For both cases, a controller is designed in order to analyze its performance, using the classical PID implemented in the vast majority of industry controllers. In order to validate its implementation, the case of an emerging technology in terms of energy storage has been considered, as is the vanadium redox flow battery. The models have been calibrated for later validation, using a particle swarm optimizer and a real dataset found in the literature. The controllers have been developed separately, considering the variables and characteristics of each model. Finally, a comparison of both controlled systems is presented.


control system analysis, power generation control, storage automation.

Author keywords

Charging techniques, Energy storage systems, Redox flow battery, Particle Swarm Optimization

Scientific reference

A. Clemente and R. Costa. Comparison of charging control techniques for electrochemical energy storage systems, 2023 IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, 2023, Sinaia (Romania), pp. 1-8.