Cloth items such as garments can be potentially in infinite different configurations, due to their deformability. For the practical purposes of manipulation, however, it is possible to discretize the space of deformations into a set of equivalent states. This is pursued in the present work, where the complex problem of recovering the canonical configuration of partially (or completely) reversed garments is addressed. Without claiming to solve the hard perceptual and manipulative challenges of this type of task –which are also thoroughly described–, this work should rather be viewed as a pioneering effort to formalize the high-level strategies that aim at solving this canonical configuration-recovering task.


intelligent robots, planning (artificial intelligence), robot programming.

Author keywords

deformable object manipulation, robotic garment manipulation, inside-out configurations, cloth state representation

Scientific reference

P. Jiménez. Inside-out states of garments. Technical Report IRI-TR-24-01, Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC, 2024.