Controllability analysis of decentralised linear controllers for polymeric fuel cells

Journal Article (2005)


Journal of Power Sources







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This work deals with the control of polymeric fuel cells. It includes a linear analysis of the system at different operating points, the comparison and selection of different control structures, and the validation of the controlled system by simulation. The work is based on a complex non linear model which has been linearised at several operating points. The linear analysis tools used are the Morari resiliency index, the condition number, and the relative gain array. These techniques are employed to compare the controllability of the system with different control structures and at different operating conditions. According to the results, the most promising control structures are selected and their performance with PI based diagonal controllers is evaluated through simulations with the complete non linear model. The range of operability of the examined control structures is compared. Conclusions indicate good performance of several diagonal linear controllers. However, very few have a wide operability range.


power generation control.

Author keywords

polymeric fuel cell, diagonal control, linear control, PI controllers, operating conditions, linear analysis

Scientific reference

M. Serra, J. Aguado, X. Ansede and J. Riera. Controllability analysis of decentralised linear controllers for polymeric fuel cells. Journal of Power Sources, 151(10): 93-102, 2005.