Autonomous user feeding by a Physically Assistive Robot

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  • Started: 01/09/2018
  • Finished: 31/01/2019


This work received the FIBAlumni PRIZE to the best 2019 project

The goal of this project is to improve the abilities of a robot to be able to feed a person with reduced mobility, in an intelligent way.


  • Program a robot to fulfill the feeding task from start to end, using movements learnt by demonstration.

  • Use Artificial Intelligence techniques such as task planning to control the robot's behavior.

  • Implement simple Computer Vision algorithms to detect the world state.

  • Evaluate the developed prototype with real users to analyze potential hazards, improvements, issues and weak points. Analyse potential realistic uses of the system, and evauate its viability in the real world.

  • Produce a modular, extensible, mantainable and correctly structured code base.

The work is under the scope of the following projects:

  • HuMoUR: Markerless 3D human motion understanding for adaptive robot behavior (web)