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TenSeBot: Estudio de estructuras tensegrity para el desarrollo de sensores manipuladores y robots móviles


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The objective of this project is to perform a preliminary analysis of the possible use of tensigrity structures as a new approach to the construction of mobile robots with different shapes and properties that usual robots, wheeled or legged, do not have. Tensegrity are light, deformable structures that may be able to adapt their form to unconstrained environments.

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Project Publications

Journal Publications

  • J. M. Mirats Tur and S. Hernández. Tensegrity frameworks: dynamic analysis review and open problems. Mechanism and Machine Theory, 44(1): 1-18, 2009.

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  • S. Hernández and J. M. Mirats Tur. Tensegrity frameworks: static analysis review. Mechanism and Machine Theory, 43(7): 859-881, 2008.

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Conference Publications

  • J. M. Mirats Tur, S. Hernández and A. Graells. Dynamic equations of motion for a 3-bar tensegrity based mobile robot, 12th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, 2007, Patras, Grècia, pp. 1334-1339, IEEE.

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