We present to the robotic community a fully autonomous navigation solution for mobile robots operating in urban pedestrian areas. We introduce our robots and the experimental zone, overview the architecture of the navigation framework, and present the results after 3.5km of autonomous navigation. We expose the main lessons learnt by the scientific team and identify the issues to improve future works.


mobile robots, service robots.

Author keywords

autonomous navigation, map-based localization, particle filter, urban pedestrian environment

Scientific reference

A. Corominas Murtra, E. Trulls Fortuny, O. Sandoval, J. Perez, D. Vasquez, J. M. Mirats Tur, M. Ferrer and A. Sanfeliu. Autonomous navigation for urban service mobile robots, 2010 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan, pp. 4141-4146, IEEE.