Diagnosis tools for PEMFC using humidification interruption tests

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Congreso Nacional de Pilas de Combustible (CONAPPICE)



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This article presents different diagnosis tools for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells based on the analysis of their dynamic evolution when the humidification of the inlet gases is interrupted. The diagnosis is aimed to know the internal state of the fuel cell with respect to the water distribution. The proposed diagnosis procedures combine the information of the time response with that extracted from Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and consist in monitoring the evolution of a set of performance indicators during the humidification interruption. The article presents a study for the selection of these performance indicators, which may be related to the physical phenomena inside the PEMFC, and describes the patterns that correspond to proper or improper water distribution.


automation, optimisation.

Scientific reference

M. Primucci, M. Serra and J. Riera. Diagnosis tools for PEMFC using humidification interruption tests, V Congreso Nacional de Pilas de Combustible, 2012, Madrid, Spain, APPICE.