Hierarchical task control for aerial inspection

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Workshop and Summer School on Field Robotics (euRathlon)



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This paper presents a task oriented control strategy for aerial vehicles equipped with a robotic arm and a camera attached to its end-effector. With this setting the camera can reach a new set of orientations previously not feasible for the quadrotor. The over-actuation of the whole system is exploited with a hierarchical control law to achieve a primary task consisting on a visual servoing control, whilst secondary tasks can also be attained to minimize gravitational effects or undesired arm configurations. Results are shown in a Robot Operating System (ROS) simulation.


aerospace robotics, control theory, manipulators, robot kinematics.

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hierarchical control law

Scientific reference

A. Santamaria-Navarro and J. Andrade-Cetto. Hierarchical task control for aerial inspection, euRathlon-ARCAS Workshop and Summer School on Field Robotics, 2014, Seville.