A decision support system for on-line leakage localization

Journal Article (2014)


Environmental Modelling & Software





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This paper describes a model-driven decision-support system (software tool) implementing a model based methodology for on-line leakage detection and localization which is useful for a large class of water distribution networks. Since these methods present a certain degree of complexity which limits their use to experts, the proposed software tool focuses on the integration of a method emphasising its use by water network managers as a decision support system. The proposed software tool integrates a model-based leakage localization methodology based on the use of on-line telemetry information, as well as a water network calibrated hydraulic model. The application of the resulting decision support software tool in a district metered area (DMA) of the Barcelona distribution network is provided and discussed. The obtained results show that the leakage detection and localization may be performed efficiently reducing the required time.


control theory.

Author keywords

software tools, fault diagnosis, water networks, hydraulic models, leakage localization, pressure sensitivity

Scientific reference

J. Meseguer, J.M. Mirats, G. Cembrano, V. Puig, J. Quevedo, R. Pérez, G. Sanz and D. Ibarra. A decision support system for on-line leakage localization. Environmental Modelling & Software, 60: 331-345, 2014.