Real-time control-oriented quality modelling in combined urban drainage networks

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IFAC World Congress (IFAC)





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Urban drainage networks (UDN) are networks which carry urban wastewater to wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) for purifying before flowing out. Combined UDN (CUDN) carry both rain and wastewater together, which can be overloaded and produce combined sewer overflows (CSO) to pollute the environment. Management of CUDN is receiving increasing attentions from both researchers and water companies since the high quality standards for waters and environment required by EU Water Framework Directive. Due to the complex dynamics of water quality, integrated control for both water and quality in CUDN is difficult to achieve. In order to design a real-time control (RTC) taking into account hydraulic and quality variables, the use of conceptual quality models is considered as a suitable option. This paper mainly presents a simplified conceptual quality modelling approach to represent dynamics of suspended solid in sewers of CUDN oriented to real-time control. A sewer simulator implemented in SWMM (Storm Water Management Model) integrated with a lumped conceptual model for total suspended solid (TSS) is used for calibration and validation. A real example of Perinot sewer network is used as case study. Discussions about RTC implementation in CUDN are provided at the end of this paper, where Model Predictive Control (MPC) is proposed as the suitable method to control the integrated water and quality models in CUDN as future motivation.


automation, control theory, cybernetics, optimisation, pattern recognition.

Scientific reference

C. Sun, B. Joseph, T. Maruejouls, G. Cembrano, J. Meseguer, V. Puig and X. Litrico. Real-time control-oriented quality modelling in combined urban drainage networks, 20th IFAC World Congress, 2017, Toulouse, France, Vol 50 of IFAC Papers Online, pp. 3941-3946, Elsevier.