Public entities driven robotic innovation in urban areas

Journal Article (2017)


Robotics and Autonomous Systems





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Cities present new challenges and needs to satisfy and improve lifestyle for their citizens under the concept “Smart City”. In order to achieve this goal in a global manner, new technologies are required as the robotic one. But Public entities unknown the possibilities offered by this technology to get solutions to their needs. In this paper the development of the Innovative Public Procurement instruments is explained, specifically the process PDTI (Public end Users Driven Technological Innovation) as a driving force of robotic research and development and offering a list of robotic urban challenges proposed by European cities that have participated in such a process. In the next phases of the procedure, this fact will provide novel robotic solutions addressed to public demand that are an example to be followed by other Smart Cities.


robots, social aspects of automation.

Author keywords

Robotics; Urban challenges; Smart City; Innovative Public Procurement; Public End Users Driven Technological Innovation

Scientific reference

A.M. Puig-Pey, Y. Bolea, A. Grau and J. Casanovas. Public entities driven robotic innovation in urban areas. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 92: 162-172, 2017.