Information technologies have become part of our everyday lives and are increasingly acting as intermediaries in our workplaces and personal relationships or even substituting them. This growing interaction with machines poses several questions about which we have no previous experience, nor can we reliably predict how they will influence the evolution of society. This has led to the convergence of technoscience and humanities in an ethical debate that is starting to bear fruit, not only with the setting of regulations and standards, but also with educational initiatives in university teaching, professional improvement, and the conformation of public opinion. Interestingly, science fiction often plays a prominent speculative role in highlighting the pros and cons of potential scenarios.


artificial intelligence, intelligent robots, learning (artificial intelligence), service robots, social aspects of automation.

Author keywords

social networks, assistive robotics, ethics, science fiction, science and humanities

Scientific reference

C. Torras. Social networks and robot companions: Technology, ethics, and science fiction. Mètode Science Studies Journal, 99: 47-53, 2018.