Energy efficiency in discrete-manufacturing systems: insights, trends, and control strategies

Journal Article (2019)


Journal of Manufacturing Systems





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Since the depletion of fossil energy sources, rising energy prices, and governmental regulation restrictions, the current manufacturing industry is shifting towards more efficient and sustainable systems. This transformation has promoted the identification of energy saving opportunities and the development of new technologies and strategies oriented to improve the energy efficiency of such systems. This paper outlines and discusses most of the research reported during the last decade regarding energy efficiency in manufacturing systems, the current technologies and strategies to improve that efficiency, identifying and remarking those related to the design of management/control strategies. Based on this fact, this paper aims to provide a review of strategies for reducing energy consumption and optimizing the use of resources within a plant into the context of discrete manufacturing. The review performed concerning the current context of manufacturing systems, control systems implemented, and their transformation towards Industry 4.0 might be useful in both the academic and industrial dimension to identify trends and critical points and suggest further research lines.


optimal control, periodic control, predictive control.

Scientific reference

J.L. Diaz and C. Ocampo-Martínez. Energy efficiency in discrete-manufacturing systems: insights, trends, and control strategies. Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 52: 131-145, 2019.