Robots and IoT devices for assistive automation

Technical Report (2019)

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In recent years, we live every day in an ever more connected world. This phenomenon has developed the technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, advances in robotics now make it possible to have autonomous service robots in their mobility and in the accomplishment of their missions.
So far the question is whether it might be useful to unite these two areas.

Just as humans do, how do these service robots integrate the objects of IoT into their environment to facilitate the fulfillment of their mission?

This report focuses on how it is possible to integrate IoT objects into the environment of a PAL Robotics robot, TIAGo. It is the result of twelve weeks of internship within the laboratory of Perception and Manipulation of the Institut de Rob`otica i Inform`atica Industrial of Barcelona.


artificial intelligence, robots, social aspects of automation.

Scientific reference

K. Bedin, S. Foix and G. Alenyà. Robots and IoT devices for assistive automation. Technical Report IRI-TR-19-03, Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC, 2019.