A SWMM model for the Astlingen benchmark network

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IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition (WWC)



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Real-time control of urban drainage systems is getting increasing attention due to its potential to reduce urban flooding and pollution to the receiving waters. Considering confidentiality requirements from the water companies, it is not easy for researchers or interested engineers to share models and data of real life urban drainage systems. However, it is very practical to use a benchmark to test and compare different methodologies. This paper contributes: (1) A hydrodynamic SWMM model of the Astlingen benchmark network, developed by working group ‘Integral RTC’ of the German Water Association, which enables a more widespread usage of the network due to SWMM being free and open source; (2) Applications of base case and equal-filling-degree rule-based control concepts to confirm usability of the SWMM model; (3) Preliminary result of model predictive control using this SWMM model.


control theory, optimisation.

Scientific reference

C. Sun, J. Lorenz, M. Schütze, G. Cembrano, M. Borup, V. Puig and L. Vezzaro. A SWMM model for the Astlingen benchmark network, 2021 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark.