C-Flow: Conditional generative flow models for images and 3D point clouds

Conference Article


Flow-based generative models have highly desirable properties like exact log-likelihood evaluation and exact latent-variable inference, however they are still in their infancy and have not received as much attention as alternative generative models. In this paper, we introduce C-Flow, a novel conditioning scheme that brings normalizing flows to an entirely new scenario with great possibilities for multi-modal data modeling. C-Flow is based on a parallel sequence of invertible mappings in which a source flow guides the target flow at every step, enabling fine-grained control over the generation process. We also devise a new strategy to model unordered 3D point clouds that, in combination with the conditioning scheme, makes it possible to address 3D reconstruction from a single image and its inverse problem of rendering an image given a point cloud. We demonstrate our conditioning method to be very adaptable, being also applicable to image manipulation, style transfer and multi-modal image-to-image mapping in a diversity of domains, including RGB images, segmentation maps, and edge masks.


computer vision.

Scientific reference

A. Pumarola, S. Popov, F. Moreno-Noguer and V. Ferrari. C-Flow: Conditional generative flow models for images and 3D point clouds, 2020 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2020, Online, to appear.