Fault-tolerant MPC control of PEM fuel cells

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IFAC World Congress (IFAC)





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In this paper, fault-tolerant MPC control of PEM fuel cells is addressed. MPC is a suitable control methodology to control fuel cell systems because of their multivariable and complex behaviour. Additionally, MPC is one of the control methodologies that can introduce more easily fault-tolerance. However, the problem of including actuator fault-tolerance in the control loops of these systems has not already been addressed in the literature. This work is focused on the air feeding control. A new control structure that not only uses the compressor voltage as a control variable but also the air valve opening area at the cathode output is considered to improve the fault-tolerance of the air feeding subsystem. It is shown that using this additional control permits to introduce fault-tolerance against compressor faults at the same time that allows to improve control performance. Finally, the proposed approach is assessed on a known test bench PEM fuel cell through simulation.


control theory, predictive control.

Author keywords

fault tolerant control, model predictive control, fuel cells, fault

Scientific reference

V. Puig, D. Feroldi, M. Serra, J. Quevedo and J. Riera. Fault-tolerant MPC control of PEM fuel cells, 17th IFAC World Congress, 2008, Seoul, South Corea, pp. 11112-11117, Elsevier.