Performance and degradation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells: State of the art in modeling from atomistic to system scale

Journal Article (2016)


Journal of Power Sources







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  • Jahnke, T

  • Futter, G

  • Latz, A

  • Malkow, T

  • Papakonstantinou, G

  • Tsotridis, G

  • Schott, P

  • Gérard, M

  • Quinaud, M

  • Quiroga, M

  • Franco, Alejandro A.

  • Malek, K

  • Calle-Vallejo, F

  • Ferreira de Morais, R

  • Kerber, T

  • Sautet, P

  • Loffreda, D

  • Strahl, Stephan

  • Serra Prat, Maria

  • Polverino, P

  • Pianese, C

  • Mayur, Manik

  • Bessler, Wolfgang

  • Kompis, C

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Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) are energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional energy conversion systems in many yet emerging applications. In order to enable prediction of their performance and durability, it is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of the relevant operation phenomena, e.g., electrochemistry, transport phenomena, thermodynamics as well as the mechanisms leading to the degradation of cell components. Achieving the goal of providing predictive tools to model PEMFC performance, durability and degradation is a challenging task requiring the development of detailed and realistic models reaching from the atomic/molecular scale over the meso scale of structures and materials up to components, stack and system level. In addition an appropriate way of coupling the different scales is required.

This review provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in modeling of PEMFC, covering all relevant scales from atomistic up to system level as well as the coupling between these scales. Furthermore, it focuses on the modeling of PEMFC degradation mechanisms and on the coupling between performance and degradation models.



Author keywords

proton exchange membrane fuel cells modeling, performance, degradation

Scientific reference

T. Jahnke, G. Futter, A. Latz, T. Malkow, G. Papakonstantinou, G. Tsotridis, P. Schott, M. Gérard, M. Quinaud, M. Quiroga, A.A. Franco, K. Malek, F. Calle-Vallejo, R. Ferreira de Morais, T. Kerber, P. Sautet, D. Loffreda, S. Strahl, M. Serra, P. Polverino, C. Pianese, M. Mayur, W. Bessler and C. Kompis. Performance and degradation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells: State of the art in modeling from atomistic to system scale. Journal of Power Sources, 304(1): 207-233, 2016.