Personalized robot assistant for support in dressing

Journal Article (2019)


IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems







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Robot-assisted dressing is performed in close physical interaction with users who may have a wide range of physical characteristics and abilities. Design of user adaptive and personalized robots in this context is still indicating limited, or no consideration, of specific user-related issues. This paper describes the development of a multi-modal robotic system for a specific dressing scenario - putting on a shoe, where users' personalized inputs contribute to a much improved task success rate. We have developed: 1) user tracking, gesture recognition and posture recognition algorithms relying on images provided by a depth camera; 2) a shoe recognition algorithm from RGB and depth images; 3) speech recognition and text-to-speech algorithms implemented to allow verbal interaction between the robot and user. The interaction is further enhanced by calibrated recognition of the users' pointing gestures and adjusted robot's shoe delivery position. A series of shoe fitting experiments have been performed on two groups of users, with and without previous robot personalization, to assess how it affects the interaction performance. Our results show that the shoe fitting task with the personalized robot is completed in shorter time, with a smaller number of user commands and reduced workload.



Author keywords

Human-Robot Interaction, Assistive Robots

Scientific reference

A. Jevtić, A. Flores, G. Alenyà, G. Chance, P. Caleb-Solly, S. Dogramadzi and C. Torras. Personalized robot assistant for support in dressing. IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, 11(3): 363-374, 2019.