Bibliographical review on cyber attacks from a control oriented perspective

Journal Article (2019)


Annual Reviews in Control





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This paper presents a bibliographical review of definitions, classifications and applications concerning cyber attacks in networked control systems (NCSs) and cyber-physical systems (CPSs). This review tackles the topic from a control-oriented perspective, which is complementary to information or communication ones. After motivating the importance of developing new methods for attack detection and secure control, this review presents security objectives, attack modeling, and a characterization of considered attacks and threats presenting the detection mechanisms and remedial actions. In order to show the properties of each attack, as well as to provide some deeper insight into possible defense mechanisms, examples available in the literature are discussed. Finally, open research issues and paths are presented.


control theory.

Author keywords

Cyber-physical systems, networked control systems, cyber attacks, attack detection, secure control.

Scientific reference

H.S. Sánchez, D. Rotondo, T. Escobet, V. Puig and J. Quevedo. Bibliographical review on cyber attacks from a control oriented perspective. Annual Reviews in Control, 48: 103-128, 2019.