Model predictive control based on LPV models with parameter-varying delays

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European Control Conference (ECC)





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This paper presents a Model Predictive Control (MPC) strategy based on Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) models with varying delays affecting states and inputs. The proposed control approach allows the controller to accommodate the scheduling parameters and delay change. By computing the prediction of the state variables and delay along a prediction time horizon, the system model can be modified according to the evaluation of the estimated state and delay at each time instant. Moreover, the solution of the optimization problem associated with the MPC design is achieved by solving a series of Quadratic Programming (QP) problem at each time instant. This iterative approach reduces the computational burden compared to the solution of a non-linear optimization problem. A pasteurization plant system is used as a case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.


automation, control theory, optimisation.

Author keywords

Predictive control, LPV, industrial applications, system delays

Scientific reference

F. Karimi, V. Puig and C. Ocampo-Martínez. Model predictive control based on LPV models with parameter-varying delays, 18th European Control Conference, 2019, Naples, Italy, pp. 3644-3649.