Cloth manipulation and perception competition

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ICRA Workshop on Representing and Manipulating Deformable Objects (RMDO)





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In the last decade, several competitions in robotic manipulation have been organised as a way to drive scientific progress in the field. They enable comparison of different approaches through a well-defined benchmark with equal test conditions. However, current competitions usually focus on rigid-object manipulation, leaving behind the challenges that suppose grasping deformable objects, especially highly-deformable ones as cloth-like objects. In this paper, we want to present the first competition in perception and manipulation of textile objects as an eficient method to accelerate scientific progress in the domain of domestic service robots. To do so, we selected a small set of tasks to benchmark in a common framework using the same set of objects and assessment methods. This competition has been conceived to freely distribute the Household Cloth Object Set to research groups working on cloth manipulation and perception and participate on the challenge. In this work, we present an overview of the tasks that are proposed in the competition, detailed descriptions of the tasks and more information on the scoring and rules are provided in the website


manipulators, service robots.

Author keywords

Perception & Manipulation, Performance evaluation & Benchmarking

Scientific reference

I. Garcia-Camacho, J. Borràs, B. Calli, A. Norton and G. Alenyà. Cloth manipulation and perception competition, 2022 ICRA Workshop on Representing and Manipulating Deformable Objects, 2022, Philadelphia, pp. 4.