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MINNA: Módulos de posicionado preciso para manipulación aérea


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The objective of this project is to consolidate the research tasks in precise positioning for aerial robotics that have been developed throughout the European projects ARCAS, AEROARMS and GAUSS, and to prepare the research group with a solid base to be able to face the scientific challenges in this topic that supposes the concurrence to new calls for projects.

Specifically, it is intended to take advantage of the results of the ARCAS and AEROARMS projects to generate an accurate standard and multiplatform positioning prototype that can be used in the GAUSS project, as well as in other future projects and initiatives. This prototype will be developed on the ROS programming system and using the tool developed by the WOLF research group.

The precise positioning prototype being developed at IRI would have two different modules. On the one hand, it calculates estimates of platform movement and speed from the fusion of sensory information embedded in the platform, i.e. inertial sensors, magnetometers, pressure sensors, LiDar, vision, etc. The second module uses pseudorange information from the Galileo satellite positioning system using the single and double difference techniques. The results of both methods will be integrated and merged into the WOLF tool.

This prototype will allow the research group to provide precise positioning solutions for current European projects AEROARMS and GAUSS, for future European projects in this field, and for collaborations with companies.