This work focuses on obtaining an order-reduced model from a nonlinear single PEMFC model, which incorporates the effects of distributed parameters that are relevant for its proper functioning and performance. The original model is an in-house MATLAB® code, flexible enough to manipulate the underlying model equations and apply model order reduction (MOR) techniques. The obtained order-reduced model is suitable to perform numerical simulations and design efficient controllers for the original nonlinear partial differential equations (PDE) model.


control system analysis, control theory, controllability, observability.

Author keywords

PEMFC, distributed parameter modeling, model order reduction

Scientific reference

M.L. Sarmiento-Carnevali, C. Batlle, M. Serra and I. Massana. Distributed parameter PEMFC model order reduction, 1st Iberoamerican Congress on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, 2014, Bellaterra, Spain.