Reduced-order Interval-observer design for dynamic systems with time-invariant uncertainty

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IFAC World Congress (IFAC)





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This paper addresses the design of reduced-order interval-observers for dynamic systems with time-invariant uncertainty. Because of the limitations of using the set-based approach to preserve the time dependency of parameter uncertainty and the wrapping effect to deal with interval-observers, the trajectory-based interval-observer approach is used with an appropriate observer gain. But, there could be some diculties to satisfy the conditions for selecting a suitable gain to guarantee the positivity of the resulting observer. Then, a reduced-order observer is designed to reduce the computational complexity and to increase the degree of freedom when selecting the observer gain. Finally, a simulation example is employed for illustrating and analyzing the eectiveness of the proposed approach.


automation, observability, optimisation.

Author keywords

Uncertain dynamic system, interval observer, set-based observer, reduced-order observer

Scientific reference

M. Pourasghar, V. Puig, C. Ocampo-Martínez and Q. Zhang. Reduced-order Interval-observer design for dynamic systems with time-invariant uncertainty, 20th IFAC World Congress, 2017, Toulouse, France, Vol 50 of IFAC Papers Online, pp. 6271-6276, Elsevier.