Isolating self-motion manifolds on a Playstation

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International Symposium on Advances in Robot Kinematics (ARK)





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In this paper, we show how it is possible to use the specialized hardware of a Play Station 2 (PS2) to speed up the execution of the Cuik algorithm, an interval-based inverse kinematics algorithm. A PS2 includes a RISC CPU and two parallel vector units able to perform four floating point multiplications and four additions in a single cycle. A careful use of these two vector units to implement the basic operations of the Cuik algorithms allows increasing the speed of the algorithm in one order of magnitude. The final implementation in the PS2 is as fast as that in a Pentium 4 at 2:6GHz (that is at least three times more expensive than a plain PS2).



Author keywords

inverse kinematics, hardware implementation of algorithms, parallel algorithms, graphic hardware, Play Station 2

Scientific reference

J.M. Porta, L. Ros and F. Thomas. Isolating self-motion manifolds on a Playstation, 9th International Symposium on Advances in Robot Kinematics, 2004, Sestri Levante, Italia, in On Advances in Robot Kinematics, pp. 123-132, 2004, Springer.