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AI4EU: A European AI On Demand Platform and Ecosystem


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AI4EU is the European Union’s landmark Artificial Intelligence project, which seeks to develop a European AI ecosystem, bringing together the knowledge, algorithms, tools and resources available and making it a compelling solution for users. Involving 80 partners, covering 21 countries, the €20m project kicked off in January 2019 and will run for three years. AI4EU will unify Europe’s Artificial Intelligence community. It will facilitate collective work in AI research, innovation and business in Europe. By sharing AI expertise, knowledge and tools with the Platform, AI4EU will make AI available to all.

Project Publications

Conference Publications

  • A. Sanfeliu, E. Repiso and A. Garrell Zulueta. Collaborative-AI: Social robots accompanying and approaching people, 1st International Workshop on New Foundations for Human-Centered AI, 2020, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Vol 2659 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, pp. 33-37, 2020.

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  • M. Galvan, E. Repiso and A. Sanfeliu. Robot navigation to approach people using G2-spline path planning and extended social force model, 4th Iberian Robotics Conference, 2019, Porto, Portugal, Vol 1093 of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, pp. 15-27, Springer.

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