We present a new social robot named IVO, a robot capable of collaborating with humans and solving different tasks. The robot is intended to cooperate and work with humans in a useful and socially acceptable manner to serve as a research platform for long-term Social Human-Robot Interaction. In this paper, we proceed to describe this new platform, its communica- tion skills and the current capabilities the robot possesses, such as, handing over an object to or from a person or performing guiding tasks with a human through physical contact. We describe the social abilities of the IVO robot, furthermore, we present the experiments performed for each robot’s capacity using its current version.



Author keywords

Human Robot Interaction, Social Robots, Human Robot Collaboration

Scientific reference

J. Laplaza, N.A. Rodríguez, J.E. Domínguez, F. Herrero, S. Hernández, A. López, A. Sanfeliu and A. Garrell Zulueta. IVO Robot: A new social robot for Human-Robot collaboration, 2022 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, 2022, Sapporo, Japan, pp. 860–864.