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MEQUIRP: Mechatronic equipment for a rapid-prototyping lab


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The aim of this project is to convert an obsolete mechanical workshop into a rapid prototyping unit. Rapid prototyping technology has evolved dramatically in recent years. Therefore, the current 3D printing equipment, as well as the rest of the equipment of the IRI workshop have become obsolete.
The scientific-technical equipment that is requested in this project are a new 3D printer, a 3D scanner, and a laser cutting system. This equipment forms the minimum necessary set to perform 3D prototyping: the scanner is necessary to capture 3D models of the structures on which the models have to be fitted and the printer and the cutting machine are necessary to actually build the models designed to accomplish the objectives of the research projects of the IRI and for the various institutes and companies with which we collaborate.
This project will enhance the quality of the cutting-edge research carried out in the IRI that require experimentation and development of prototypes; it will boost IRI international leadership, increasing its visibility and cooperation possibilities; it will facilitate research and technology transfer based on prototypes; and it will promote creativity and the development of innovative products within its researchers, as well as master and doctoral students who participate in research projects.

This project is supported by European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) from the European Union